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We are accredited with the International Coaches Register as a Life Coach. We assist individuals and Businesses with strategies to realise your goals and objectives.


Our methodology - Multi-level Neuro Processing (MLNP®)

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ (MLNP) is a brain-body (neuro-physiological) facilitation process, which helps the brain to process and integrate both negative and positive information on the cognitive, emotional, and sensory levels.


Assessment Scales

We use scientifically developed assessment scales to help in identifying beliefs and blockages.

  • WBI - Well-being Indicator
  • SPS - Self-perception Scale
  • VSAS - Value System Assessment Scale
  • PDD - Personal Driving Dynamics
  • STI - Success Traits Inventory

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Your Benefits

A MLNP Neuro-Coaching - actively helping clients to create a better future.
  • Top-down and bottom-up approach
  • Ensures maximum processing and integration
  • Integration leads to transformation
  • Transformation promotes wholeness and makes us fully human

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