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Pipe Smoking and Accessories

There is a need to re-live the old tradition of smoking a pipe.  We offer products to fulfill those needs.  Please visit our Online shopping page.


Traditional Footwear

South Africa is know for quality and comfortable footwear from leather products.

Visit our footwear section on our Online shopping page.




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Your Benefits

Infrastructure Design

  • Have an Enterprise Architecture
  • ICT Infrastructure "fit for purpose"
  • Desktop Support
  • Optimised network and server design
  • Optimised licensing costs
  • Hardware support

Related topics

Enterprise Architecture

What is an Enterprise Architecture and why is it important?

User Authentication

Many smaller business environments make use of an "workgroup" network environment as opposed to an user-authenticated network and server environment.  Here we discuss the differences and why user-authentication offer more options.

Open Source Software

There is a continuous debate about the useability of Open Source Software for businesses.  On the one hand, there is the opinion that it can never be the quality of proprietary software because developers offer their services for "free".  On the other hand, the cost of licensing of proprietary software drives IT costs and sometimes makes it almost impossible for small businesses to use them.

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